Sunday, July 19, 2015

USB3.1 Panel Front(UPD) solution -2

United States Patean: 
Patean No: US9,215,834 B2
Date of Patean: Dec. 15, 2015   
Applicant: Chen Liang Ho or Liang Ho Chen

[Test System]

Test environment ︰ PCIE 3.0 environment 。

CPU︰I5-3470 。


SSD︰DATA SP900 128G。  

D-RAM︰Kingston 2G X2 。


USB 3.1 Enclosure︰Two PLEXTOR M6M-128GB mSATA  raid 0

USB 3.1 expansion card︰USB 3.1 Controller ASM1142
                                           Two USB A.type port (580mm) 
                                           *1 GEN3 

PCI Express ×1 cards  at pin 18

USB3.1 C.type to A.type 320mm

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