Technical specifications The most complete PCIe x16 GEN3.0 extension adapter


X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test:

X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test:

Support for Intel and AMD New published video:

In factPCIe this interfaceits pin contains three voltage sourcesand SMBusJTAGTRST #WAKE # ... and so on the control circuit
And in addition to the performance of some of the performancePCIe interface productshave to comply with the electrical safety capacity and including EMI control and other legal requirements
So PCIe extended adapter card PCBits two sides should be used for wiringor interfacethe pin can not be a complete docking
In this waynot only easily lead to many problems of performance instabilitybut also cause a lot of controversial eventssuch as electrical safety capacity failed
(Further verification: Please search Wikipediainteland AWG safe ammeterand high-speed cable EMI shielding typerefer to USB)

Fortunately, according to our patented technology produced by PCIe extension adapterits PCB is a two welding surface
PCIe x16 a total of 180 of the wiring (AWG # 30)which part of the x1 52 lines12 for 12V = 2.4A
And its wiring positionand the internal cable of the flat cableall of the EMI shielding material to cover up
So we have a complete interface specifications and GEN3 some of the performanceand to comply with electrical safety capacity and EMI control requirements

In particularour cable width is only 70% of the interface size (such as x16 = 57mm)but also the flexibility to bend the bifurcation
This technical feature is not only easy to identifybut also support the smaller spacing of the interface pinreplace M.2 or sff-8639 and other secondary interface
This is a bifurcated cable that can no longer be spaced, and can not be done with cables that are shielded by high and low dielectrics (such as HDMI).
(Patent Chinese Search: CN 103579857 B / English Search: US 9,215,834 B2)

Our finished product specifications and prices

Technical comparison
Interestinglyas long as the PCIe extension adapter card wireall welded on the side of the PCBat least 35% less manufacturing costsbut why the connector industry leader Amphenol and 3M's R & D teamthey are not Can you think of this good idea?
Perhaps they already knew that the practice would violate the hardware agreement (x16 minimum 25w) and electrical regulationsthis product can not be sold
If this is true, then control the pin is not wired, but marked the PCIe interface product is a fake, you want to return is no reason
(Mark the wrong caserefer to the news         






  1. How can I get one of these cables?

    1. Hi We have sales PCI-E 3.0 cable in e-bay

  2. are your cables still for sale? i don't see them on eBay but am in desperate need on a ~30cm Type A

    1. We have completed the optimization
      We expect to start selling in February
      Please keep an eye on us

  3. Hello,

    Are you going to produce powered versiosn of your riser ?

    I am looking for a high quality 4x to 16x powered riser that supports Gen 3.

    Thanks by advance.

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    1. Hi Please check here

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  5. Hello,
    I'm interested in a B type 30cm 16X-16X cable. When will you have one available for sale?

    1. Here