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Perhaps the notebook also with the USB3.1 Power Delivery (UPD) technical comparison

United States Patean: 
Patean No: US9,215,834 B2
Date of Patean: Dec. 15, 2015   
Applicant: Chen Liang Ho or Liang Ho Chen

Perhaps the notebook also with the USB3.1 Power Delivery (UPD) technical comparison或許筆電也要用到的USB3.1 前置面板的技術比較

PCI-E GEN3.0 flexible Riser card
發表時間/Published: Computex 2013
SATA Express Cable
發表時間/Published: Computex 2015

Technical means(技術手段):
PCI-E GEN3.0 x1 or GEN2.0 x2
USB3.1, Host
Technical means(技術手段):
SATA Express/10Gps
unknown of controlUSB3.1 Host
Use EMI and RFI shielding materials, coating all the wires, to meet the basic requirements of high-speed cable,
10Gps the cable is not enabled for EMI / RFI shielding complete,The problem is worse than USB3.0 5Gps negligence
10Gps cable沒有為EMI/ RFI進行完整的遮蔽問題比USB3.0 5Gps的疏失還要糟糕!)
Cable  t = 2mm, GEN2 x4/W <28 mm ,
GEN3 x1/W < 18 mmit can be used by notebook (筆電內可用)
The width of the joint(接頭寬)= 52mm and
CableΦ15mm, Impossible to trace in the notebook
Only regret, M-ITX motherboard can no longer use the graphics card
You can only choose to use SATA Express / 10Gps motherboard
只能選用SATA Express/10Gps的主機板)
Issue Date embodiment May 2015
Example of unknown publication date
The left is measured 75cmright is string inserted three PCI-E GEN3.0 flexible Riser card test
(左邊是75公分,右邊是串接3PCI-E GEN3.0 flexible Riser card的測試)

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