Sunday, August 26, 2018

New product:Flexible SLI Bridge 20cm PCI-E Video Card Cable Connector Adapter

We launched new products:Flexible SLI Bridge 20cm

Connection method used

 SLI Bridge 20cm and kits containing PCIe flat cable

Purchase link:E-bay

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Upcoming Events :Get it is completely free, SLI Bridge 20cm and kits containing PCIe flat cable,


Get it is completely free, SLI Bridge 20cm and kits containing PCIe flat cable,

The way to get it will be announced on June 3

For excellent assembly fun, we are ready to launch SLI Bridge 20cm and kits with PCIe flat cables.

We organize this event and hope everyone will like it.

Both designs must use this package group:





How to use SLI Bridge 20cm model diagram:

If you promise that you will test it immediately,

And return to the SFF forum to announce your test results and feelings.

You have the opportunity to get it (contains all mailing costs),

(A) Content: A pair of 20cm long SLI Bridge + two PCIE riser flat cables (B-350 and B-450, selectable)

Quantity: Three sets
(B) Content: Only one pair of 20cm long SLI Bridge (if you need PCIE riser flat cable must be purchased separately)

Quantity: Five pairs


Monday, March 5, 2018

How to bend the cable demonstration

If you do not have a cable
You can use paper folded into a rectangle
And the designated PCIE PIN  A1, A82 and B1, B82
You can start to bend

Please note that the PCB can not be bent

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A.D.B type assembly demonstration

We mention three directions PCIE slot (A.D.B type)
Adapt to a variety of installation design
Here is our installation demonstration😀

More A.D.B type assembly demonstration

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The PCI-E 3.0 extender used to test the network switch(100G)

Network switch(100G) Production Inspection Dedicated PCI-E 3.0 Extender

Network switch Production Inspection Dedicated PCI-E 3.0 Extender:

Both ends are the Fingerboard PCI-E x8 Extender
Each proofing 2 pieces = $ 300

More than 2 pieces per 1PCE + $ 30

Technical specifications
Although pci-sig did not propose any connection scheme (such as USB data line detection standards)
But PCIe pin matching, routing rulesrated powerand communication regulations in the shielding requirements, can still be used as a review of the standard,
So after years of search and comparison, we were able to confirm that the global PCI-E Extender, only our products are qualified,
The most special is that our technology has the following three advantages of the invention, Other technology simply can not do,
So for the production of Network switch inspection, both ends of the special finger is a special order, our supply has been more than 3 years,
The most complete EMI shielding
Welding and all the wires are EMI shielding material coated up,
Will not interfere with the system testing and operation,
Highest rated power
12V = 2.8A (30AWG * 12 lines), 3.3V = 1.4A +0.4 A; 12V will be able to carry 35W of electricity,
The best flexibility
1.8mm cable thickness, and the world's smallest cable only 36.5mm wide

Friday, April 14, 2017

PCI-E flexible riser cable x16 to x16 700mm 3DMark Time Spy benchmark

The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features​

x16 specification: x16D -300
X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test:

X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test:

Support for Intel and AMD New published video:
Technical Reports:
Because PCIe constitute the conditions, in addition to the main interface of the pin, there are three kinds of voltage, and SMBus, JTAG, TRST # ... and so on the control loop,
So do not delete PCIe x1 = 36pin the total number of wiring, or PCIe Extender interface mark, it will become the basis for claims!
Especially x16 products, because they have violated the electrical safety regulations, even 25 ~ 75w (12V * 5.5A) the minimum power will be overloaded!
Product advantages:
Although pci-sig did not propose any connection scheme (such as USB data line detection standards)
But PCIe pin matching, wiring rules, and rated power and other conditions, as well as high frequency must be shielding the communication regulations, which is not changed,
If these conditions can be used as a review of PCIe Extender standards, then the world's only technical products are qualified,

Type specifications
A type: A-200mm ~ 400mm / 50mm a size
B-type: B-80mm; B-100mm ~ 400mm / 50mm a size
D-type: D-80mm; D-100mm ~ 500mm / 50mm a size

[Test System]

Test environment ︰ PCIE 3.0 environment (DirectX 12 support)。

Cable length︰PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16  700mm

System︰W10(DirectX 12 support)

CPU︰I5-3470 。


GPU︰ MSI RX-470X (DirectX 12 support)。

SSD︰DATA SP900 128G。

D-RAM︰Team 4G X2 。

Case︰Li Heat Industries Limited. ITX 12 cubic liters 。

Power︰In Win-750W。

Test with PCI express 700mm 

GPU-Z PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16

Test without PCIe riser cable card gne3.0。