Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PCI-E flexible riser cable x16 to x16 700mm 3DMark11 Benchmark

The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features​

x16 specification: x16D -300
X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test:

X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test:

Support for Intel and AMD New published video:
Technical Reports:
Because PCIe constitute the conditions, in addition to the main interface of the pin, there are three kinds of voltage, and SMBus, JTAG, TRST # ... and so on the control loop,
So do not delete PCIe x1 = 36pin the total number of wiring, or PCIe Extender interface mark, it will become the basis for claims!
Especially x16 products, because they have violated the electrical safety regulations, even 25 ~ 75w (12V * 5.5A) the minimum power will be overloaded!
Product advantages:
Although pci-sig did not propose any connection scheme (such as USB data line detection standards)
But PCIe pin matching, wiring rules, and rated power and other conditions, as well as high frequency must be shielding the communication regulations, which is not changed,
If these conditions can be used as a review of PCIe Extender standards, then the world's only technical products are qualified,

Type specifications
A type: A-200mm ~ 400mm / 50mm a size
B-type: B-80mm; B-100mm ~ 400mm / 50mm a size
D-type: D-80mm; D-100mm ~ 500mm / 50mm a size

[Test System]

Test environment ︰ PCIE 3.0 environment (DirectX 12 support)。

Cable length︰PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16  700mm

System︰W10(DirectX 12 support)

CPU︰I5-3470 。


GPU︰ MSI RX-470X (DirectX 12 support)。

SSD︰DATA SP900 128G。

D-RAM︰Team 4G X2 。

Case︰Li Heat Industries Limited. ITX 12 cubic liters 。

Power︰In Win-750W。

Test with PCI express 700mm

GPU-Z PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16

Test without PCIe riser cable card gne3.0。

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