Sunday, April 26, 2015

PCI-E GEN 3.0 riser card on e-bay

United States Patean: 
Patean No: US9,215,834 B2
Date of Patean: Dec. 15, 2015   
Applicant: Chen Liang Ho or Liang Ho Chen

We offer cable on e-bay

We have EMI shielding

Our cable
Phosphorbronze manufacturing slots
Has a PCI-E GEN 3 Level transmission

More good bending radius
We got a new cable upgrade
Our version of the second generation of PCB redesign
More flexible



(Upgrade)          V.S          (Prototype)


x16 to x16 500mm A.type black

x16 to x16 500mm A.type black test

Our advantages

1. have a high frequency transmission
2. have full protection EMI
3. Good bend radius
4. With technology patents

We use the most advanced slot
Phosphor bronze slot
Superior ability to link
Achieve PCI-E 3.0

EMI shielding
Our cable coated with EMI shielding
Provides secure shielding cable
Does not affect other parts

Most importantly,
Reliable high frequency transmission
We provide test reports computer
Shooting video cable testing
Many experienced commercial use MOD server
2014 CES and the upcoming 2015 CeBIT 2015 COMPUTEX Taipei
You can see our PCI-E 3.0 cable
Confirm our PCI-E GEM 3.0 Reliability

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